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Wooden Floors Installation

Wooden Floors Installation

You cannot appreciate the brilliance of wooden floors installation until you understand where the wood has come from and what makes it so special. Historically, wood has been divided into to three categories: hardwood, softwood, and wood from a leaf-bearing tree. On top of that, these types of woods are graded on how many blemishes and irregularities they carry in them. Of course, this affects how you view the hardwood flooring because irregularities are less pleasing to the eyes since they are not uniform, giving a not-so pleasing appearance to the final finish. These things are important to know because flooring installations that are made from wood are one of the few things that are absolutely unique from house to house since they all come from a different tree. Although some defects can sometimes be good to have in order to feel the uniqueness of the wood, it is important that you get a grade of wood that controls the amount of defects evident.

Finding the Right Wooden Floors Installation

Out of all the wooden floors available, the most popular option out there is oak. Out of the more than 60 species in North America, they can distinctly be divided into red and white varieties. Oak is a strong a durable wood that is often light colored. It has a more course texture with a prominent grain. Maple on the other hand has only 5 different species grown in North America. Maple is one of the strongest hardwoods out there, which is why it is often used for surfaces that take a lot of beatings such as a bowling alley. Unlike Oak, Maple has a finer texture and even grain due to its more evenly sized pores. Such factors make maple perfect for furniture and floors alike. Lastly, Mahogany is a wood that is generally imported since it is found in more tropical climates. It is also strong, and contains an even pore pattern with annual tree rings that are less defined than other hardwoods. It is an excellent type of wood for carving structures as well as being used for flooring.

Each hardwood is a masterpiece of its own. It carries so much history behind it as most species have lived for generations before being cut down to be used for flooring. The glorious presence a hardwood adds to a home is second to no other flooring, which is why you can find these in a majority of households Canada wide.

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