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an exquisite living space

an exquisite living space

I feel like I have a really good sense of design for creating a healthy living space. I’m so particular about what represents my living space. I really think that your home is a reflection of your inner mind and your personality. I can get a good sense about who a person is when I enter their home.

Paying attention to detail is something I learned in Graphic Design. It was the smallest details that make the biggest impact. The colours that people choose, the way items are placed on a coffee table, the way cucumbers are cut in a salad. It’s the smallest details that are noticed to the trained eye.

Sometimes a person may not even understand why they feel the way they do when they sit for a period of time in someone’s house. They may not even observe their own mood, how their heart is beating or the length of their breath entering and exiting their body. They may not even realize that it could be the colours of the room that affects their mood. It could be the way the light comes through the window or the way your bare feet feel against the hardwood floor.

I find myself at peace sitting alone on my chair with a cup of tea on my lap as the window light enters the room in the early morning. If my feet aren’t curled up underneath me, I usually have my fuzzy bunny slippers on as I slide across the finished hardwood floor.

Yesterday I arranged new plants I picked up at the nursery in white vases along the hardwood floor. I picked a really tall snake plant. It quickly became the focal point in my living room. There is something really elegant and earthly about having large potted plants on my hardwood floor.

The hardwood we chose just makes this space so much more exquisite. I’m looking forward to having guests over this weekend for my homemade dessert. I hope they leave my space with a feeling of peace and tranquillity within them.

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