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Hardwood Flooring in Toronto

Hardwood flooring is gaining tons of popularity these days, and for good reason. It provides a solid platform for any floor, yet it evokes a stylish/classic feeling that can bring nostalgic feelings to even the latest generation. The aesthetically pleasing look of a nicely done hardwood floor can fill your house with a charm that commands attention. There are many benefits to choosing hardwood flooring Toronto, so grab a coffee, sit back, and continue reading about its benefits:


Hardwood floors are ideal for any room in the house except for the bathroom and laundry room due to the inherent moisture levels of these rooms. You may also want to consider any pets that will be living in the space that will have hardwood flooring. Their nails have the potential to scratch the flooring, so keeping them trim on a regular basis is something you will have to keep in mind with hardwood flooring. Other than these two things, cleaning a hardwood floor is markedly easier than cleaning a carpeted floor. There is no worry about buildup of dust or allergens, making it a great hypo-allergenic for those who deal with allergies on a daily basis.

Solid Hardwood

This type of hardwood is milled from individual pieces of 100% wood, and can be installed in most rooms except areas that carry more moisture such as the basement, bathrooms, and laundry room. The moisture in these rooms can cause the wood to expand and shrink, due to the way that the wood reacts to moisture changes over time. Moisture also creates the potential for bacterial and mold growth if not maintained, so it is best to keep this type of flooring in dryer areas of the house. Other than that, they offer the most natural look for your floors and carry the added benefit of not needing any extra chemical adhesives that engineered hardwood requires.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood was designed to improve the stability of the floor. It offers greater stability since layers of the hardwood are fixated together with a strong adhesive using a cross-grain construction model. Since it is a man-made product, the engineered hardwood can be made into ideal parameters including thickness, size, strength, and grades that make them extremely versatile for almost any home application. Visit your local hardwood flooring Toronto store for more details about the pros and cons between solid and engineered hardwood.


The colors to choose from run from a spectrum of light yellow-brown to black which is determined by the tree species and how it was finished. The style of hardwood is another thing you can get creative with. You can elect to choose a modern style with a bold and shiny finish that matches the contemporary design of an apartment, or a more classic look that adds age and antiqueness to any room looking to bring back memories of the good old days. Finishes of the hardwood function to add a protective surface and give the hardwood a glossy stain that can bring out the rich details of the wood itself. Hardness is another factor to consider. Every type of hardwood flooring has varying levels of durability with respect to the species and finish it has. The harder the species (red oak for example), the better its ability to withstand wear and tear.


Hardwood flooring is an excellent option for most rooms in the house as it adds good durability, cleanliness, and a modern look to your living area. Keep the above points in mind when deciding on the hardwood flooring Toronto location you will be shopping from, and you will not go astray!


With over 20 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We provide a professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

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  • What are the costs of a new flooring project.

    With all projects, our process starts off with an at home consultation. We measure your needs and provide each project with the time and care it deserves. When we provide you with a final quote for the installation service, we stick to it.

  • What is the timeline for the project?

    Each project is unique in its own right. During our consultation process, we will be able to give an estimated time of completion that will meet and exceed your expectations.

  • What is the total budget for installation?

    We have many product options that will help you stick within your budget. From specific materials and products, we ensure that we can find the right fit for your budget.

  • How is renovation project initiated?

    All projects are initiated with an in home consultation. We like to meet our clients face to face so that we can understand their needs and expectations.

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