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A Photogenic Home

A Photogenic Home

So we are totally living in an Instagram kinda world. Sigh. But the one positive thing about living in this kinda world is that it is visually appealing. As a Graphic Designer, I learned that a person takes about 3 seconds determining if they want to dispose of something visual or keep it. This topic of conversation was presented to me in College about direct mail campaigns.

As we live in this Instagram world, it turns out we need to do a lot of changes in the setting we live in. We can no longer have old hand-me-down furniture from the 1960s… unless they’re vintage chic of course. We have to purge and toss out things that may be practical but don’t “look the part” in order to keep and gain followers on our Instagram.

Our room has to be visually pleasing if we are showing it off. Bathroom selfies are a big NO. Clutter is another NO. Pixelated pictures are a definite NO. Filters are even a NO now.

Having a visually pleasing, uncluttered room with simple decor is a definite YES. Everyone wants to see what a minimalist room looks like. It’s so pleasing to the eye. It’s the era of Marie Kondo “Keep it if it sparks you joy” and give away the rest (thanking it first of course) and organizing your kitchen with mason jars. It’s all YES.

One thing that really enhances your Instagram posts is a nice hardwood floor. Mmm the look of wood: Real, beautiful and artistically crafted wood. I swear to God if I had nothing else in my house but a hardwood floor I would be happy lol. All I need is a hardwood floor, my window light, a giant simple mirror and my plants.

Any house can be a personal studio. I love my hardwood floor. It was the best thing I’ve ever invested in. As a photographer, my hardwood floor and my window light have been the biggest blessing.

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