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Matching WaLL paint to your Floor colour

Matching WaLL paint to your Floor colour

Are you in the process of doing a home makeover? Did you already have your floor installed and a now you’re looking at your room and realizing nothing matches your floor? I’ve been there.

Creating a vision for your room ahead of time is the very first step in a room makeover. But, if you skipped this step like I did because you were way too excited to get your floor installed, it is still manageable!

If you are at this stage and didn’t create an initial vision of your new room you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. I suggest you take a picture of your room during the day to get the exact colour of your floor, take it into the paint stores such as Sherwin-Williams & Delux Paints and ask their professionals on a colour palette that would be suitable for your floor colour.

It’s time to properly select your new wall colour, sell your old furniture on Kijiji and pick out a new set of furniture! It’s all going to come together and it’s going to be beautiful!

Choose similar undertones to the colour of your wood floor. Choose if you want your room to have a subtle open, soft feel, or a charming bold statement colour. Remember your colour wheel you studies in grade 10? Here is where it will come in handy. Remember your complimentary colours.

The professionals at your local paint stores are more than happy to assist you in colour selection!

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