About Brampton

Are you a Brampton resident who is looking for the best hardwood? Join the many that are enjoying the new trend in Southern Ontario which is to cover all floors with a brilliant wood finish. Due to the climbing real estate costs across the GTA, many residents are venturing to increase the value of their home. Being the most sought after material, hardwood has the highest potential to raise that value. Its durability is better than most other types of flooring, and the wood can be refinished on multiple occasions throughout its lifetime. This means that its return on investment is the highest out of all other available materials such as carpet, tiling, laminate, and vinyl. Investing in hardwood is guaranteed to bring you excellent returns!

About Toronto

Being the business center of Canada, Toronto gets a lot of attention from across North America. We are home of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the first “tallest” building in the world, and the TSX. As well, no matter what corner you turn to, you are bound to find a different community. Our notoriously diverse city has one thing in common though: our love for hardwood floors. What is more appropriate for a home in the most unique city in the world than a brilliant and unique hardwood that was cut, sanded, installed, and finished to perfection? With so many tree species and varieties of finishes to choose from, what better way to add your own unique finishing touch to your home? Luxury Flooring Inc. provides hardwood flooring in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Pickering and Oshawa. Servicing cities across the GTA has been Luxury’s specialty since day one as we continue to expand our borders.

About Mississauga

As GTA’s second most populated city with one of the highest population growths in Canada, Luxury provides service to many esteemed clients in this region. Mississauga is slowly becoming a model city for its architecture and infrastructure, making the demand for hardwood that much more. You have the option to choose solid or engineered hardwood, both of which stand up to the tests of durability and maintenance. We only choose the best grade materials. The wood we provide has the least impurities and the highest resiliency. Having premium quality floors makes a difference because you are essentially extending its lifetime. The wood must endure the physical impacts from foot traffic, heavy furniture, and pets if you have any. Over time, these affect the glossy layer on top of the flooring which will make the floors appear dull and less brilliant. The solution is refinishing the floor, but this can only be done a limited amount of times for hardwood especially if you choose the engineered variety. By picking a higher quality floor, the type you will find at Luxury’s, you won’t have to refinish the floors as frequently. Our floors have been designed to withstand even the toughest physical impacts that a typical floor will deal with.




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About Pickering

Pickering is the neighbor of Toronto and one of the first cities Luxury Flooring began servicing. Our proud history in this region is the result of many happy customers who kept using our services and recommending us to friends and family. These are our humble beginnings, and we continue to take pride in the work we do here. For a city that is rich in families, you want to make sure that your floors are safe, and easy to maintain. Hardwood is an excellent choice because it does not collect allergens. To maintain these floors, you only need to make sure that the chemicals that you decide to use are hardwood-friendly. If you do have pets, just keep in mind that their claws may increase the rate at which the wood will fade. Of course, that can be solved with a refinish. Choosing the perfect hardwood creates that cozy atmosphere that will bring the family together near the chimney.

About Oshawa

No city is booming more in the GTA than Oshawa. With plans for a new airport already underway, a university that is constantly expanding (UOIT), and the new extension of the 407ETR, the possibilities are endless. Come visit Luxury Flooring to find out what you can do about the flooring in your current and/or future Oshawa home. We provide thousands of varieties of tree species for hardwood including maple, oak, cherrywood, and chestnut. You will be hard-pressed to choose from the wide variety we have to offer, but come speak with our experts to find out what style works best for you. Luxury flooring is the only stop you need to make for the best hardwood flooring in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Pickering and Oshawa.


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  • Whitby

    Our services extend to Whitby and its surrounding regions. We provide our installation and sale service to Bowmanville, Clarington, Oshawa, Ajax and Pickering.

  • Milton

    When choosing a flooring product in Milton, rest assured that we will be there to serve you and its surrounding regions of Burlington, Oakville, and Halton Hills.

  • Toronto

    The Greater Toronto Area is an amazing place to live. We want to help make Toronto more beautiful by providing our flooring services to your own home. Call us for a consultation.

  • Uxbridge

    Our services extend into Uxbridge and its surrounding areas. So when your looking for quality, don’t fret, we will be their to bring our services to you.

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