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Wooden Flooring: An Attractive and Environment Friendly Alternative


Wooden floors have a historical rumour surrounding them that they are overly expensive and are not worth the initial investment but these rumours are nothing but uneducated guesses as wooden flooring manufacturers clearly lay down the various advantages of having a wooden floor than carpeted floor. Some of these are discussed below.

Advantages of Wooden Flooring:

• Life: One of the most telling advantages is that it lasts for a lifetime. According to manufacturers, this is a big positive because all the initial investment that you put in wooden flooring realizes its value over a period. Carpets, on the other hand, wear out in a couple of years and lose their texture and beauty over time.

• Cleaning Ease: Another feature that makes flooring so desirable is the fact that it is easy to clean. A simple mop and dust session are enough to clean the entire floor, and it does not damage the floor surface. Carpets need constant vacuuming that is a task in itself.

• Hygiene: Another feature that makes the wooden the preferred choice of many is the fact that a wooden flooring is much more hygienic than a carpeted floor. This is because a carpet traps all the dust particles and bacteria within it which are not easy to cleanse. These save you from all those germs.

• Odour: If any pet presence in the house carpet might not even be an option for home. This is because carpet traps odours and over the years it starts smelling. No such problem can be associated with wooden flooring.

• Under floor heating: Under floor heating is the latest development in heating houses and under floor heating works best with flooring. If we use the carpet flooring then all the under floor generated heat makes no effect on home in heating it.

• Aesthetic Beauty: This is timeless and leaves an impression on the minds of everyone who visits. This emphatically increases the value of house and gives it a timeless appeal. Considering this, the initial investment required to get this done is nothing but pennies inside ocean bank.

One possible flaw of wooden flooring is that it gives a very hard surface that may not be suitable for a kid’s room. Most often, homeowners are bound to use carpeted flooring for the cushioning it provides when the little ones fall. Rubber flooring can be a better option here, as these surfaces serve as ideal playing grounds for children. These floors are not as hard as the hardwood floors, and thus, the frequent falls don’t hurt anybody.


Source by Vishakha Singh

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