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Wood Floors Toronto

Wood Floors Toronto

One of the toughest quibbles faced by flooring experts is using wood floors Toronto in kitchens. Kitchens traditionally use tiles for its surface simply due to the floor’s resilience to insults such as spills, scratches, moisture, and heat. Tiles are definitely a great option, and there is nothing against them, but for those who prefer having hardwood floors, there are now options you can use for even the toughest room in the house. Also, most people like having continuity in their floors meaning that they want all rooms and hallways to have the same type of flooring. This was once made difficult, especially if you had hardwood floors. For the most part, you saw homes that would use hardwood for the main hallways, tiles for the kitchen and bathroom, and carpets downstairs. Carpets were a popular option for basements because they provide warmth to the coldest room in the home, especially since it was not fun to put your feet on cold flooring. But when you would ask most contractors to put hardwood flooring in your kitchen, they would give you a lesson as to why that may not be a good idea.

Why Wood Floors Toronto in Kitchens are Now Possible

Engineered hardwood. This type of flooring has actually been around for quite some time now, but had not received much credit before since it gave a “cheap” look to the flooring and was not fully made of the hardwood. Nowadays, as technology has improved, and the veneers are now constructed with more thickness, it is becoming an increasingly popular option for the kitchen. The multiple-layered engineered flooring is durable enough to face the everyday wear and tear faced by the kitchen. Just think about the last time you dropped or spilled something in the kitchen. It happens frequently, but due to engineered wooden floors’ resistance to moisture and heat, you do not need to worry about such things damaging your flooring as much as you used to.

Engineered hardwoods are also much cheaper than tile flooring. You are saving money using this option, and should consider this especially when you are on a budget. Flooring jobs have so many options out there and you do not have to be a huge spender to get a respectable floor in your kitchen. Getting this job done in your home is a wise decision, and one that you will continue to appreciate as your home grows in value.

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