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Wood Flooring Toronto

Wood Flooring Toronto

What better way to increase the value of your home than to have wood flooring Toronto installed the right way? Although one may have doubts about how well the job will turn out if you do it yourself, you can save a considerable amount of money doing so. Having professionals install the flooring for you is always a better idea since they can do it with more precision and efficiency, but sometimes a budget cannot allow that to happen and you must cut costs somewhere. One of the hardest things that people find about doing a wood flooring job themselves is not knowing where to start. We hope that this guide will make you feel confident in your decision to start a project, and inspire others to try something new for a change!

Wood Flooring Toronto, and How to Begin Installing It

Choices, choices, choices. There are so many options for wooden floors, and you will be flabbergasted if you have to look through them all. To narrow down the search before it even begins, think about what you want in your wooden floor. If you want something that is tough and durable, then you can narrow your search down to hardwoods that have a higher hardness rating. Species like Maple and Oak might be what you gravitate towards. If you are looking for lighter colors to brighten up the look of your living space, then look no further than select species like Ash or White Oak.

Do not forget that wood is organic material, and organic material may sometimes react with other things such as heat and moisture. This is an important factor that many first time installers tend to miss but proves to be costly in the long run since it calls for a re-finish. When wooden floors come in contact with rooms of different humidity and temperature levels, they react differently by either contracting or expanding. These effects can be apparent within a couple of weeks. What we recommend is to purchase some of the hardwood you plan on using, and storing it in the room you will be finishing for at least two weeks before beginning the project. This will give the wood species time to acclimatize to the room, and this will help you determine whether you need to leave a gap or add a little more length and width to panels that come close to the walls.

These are both rookie mistakes that can be avoided if you are aware of them!

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