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What Are the Benefits of Pleated Blinds?


Pleated blinds can be an exciting addition to your interior decoration. They are available in wide variety. In fact, you can find most varieties in it. It can make any window look good.

They have several benefits which have made it a favourite amongst the homeowners. Following are some of the benefits of pleated blinds

• They have an unique contemporary style which can look good in any window, either big or small. Unlike roman blinds and roller blinds, which particularly look good on big and picture windows, pleated blinds suit on small apartment windows as well.

• Another advantage is that it allows one to control the amount of light he/she wants to permit. It helps in creating warmth in the room without permitting the blazing sunlight in. It does not block away the light completely like blackout blinds and hence the room would look bright even when the blinds are drawn.

• They are also available in wide range of colours and pattern. Unlike blackout blinds, which are available mostly in dark colours, the choices of colours are seemingly endless with pleated blinds.

• Also, a wide variety of materials are also used in pleated blinds. One can choose from fabric blinds to the plastic ones.

• They are also cost effective. It usually costs less than roller blinds and roman blinds.

• Both with cord and cordless or remote controlled pleated blinds are available in the market. The cordless versions would ensure easy maintenance and can be operated even by kids.

• It can be custom ordered, i.e. you can order the same to be made to fit in your windows. These blinds look equally good both on big and small windows.

• Since they are single layered blinds, they are light in weight. These are ideal choice for people looking for single layered blinds.

If you like to change the colour of your walls and interior too often, you may settle for neutral colour pleated blinds. Some of it comes with the feature of filtering the harmful UV rays from entering into the room.


Source by Dunitz Santrino

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