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What Are Double Glazing Vents, and Why Do You Need Them?


In the tough economic times saving money wherever possible has become priority number one for many homeowners. So for homeowners who seek savings on their utility costs double glazing is a great option. These windows and doors allow the homeowner to enjoy increased comfort in their homes without the high utility costs associated with more traditional, single pane windows.

A point of confusion for many homeowners considering double glazing, however, is the need for ventilation.

Why Do You Need Ventilation?

For most homeowners the concept of purchasing double or triple glazed windows or doors is to help keep more of their heating or cooling inside their home. So the idea that they should then let some of that precious air out can be mind boggling.

However, it’s important to understand that the efficient properties of these windows work just a little too well when not properly ventilated. Double and triple glazing makes a property more air tight, allowing the heating and cooling to stay inside.

This also allows moisture to build in the property, which in time could lead to poor air quality, mould, dust and contaminants. Therefore it’s necessary to allow the air to circulate in order to move some of the moisture out of the property.

Ventilation Options

There are a number of different ways to increase ventilation in your home when using double or triple glazing. For instance, you can simply open your windows for a short period each day in order to allow the air to circulate. For many homeowners simply remembering to open and close the windows is more daily responsibility than they have time for.

For homeowners in that position installing vents, such as trickle vents or vent locks, in the windows will help aid in air circulation without the need to constantly be opening and closing windows throughout the property. Window fans are also a great way to ventilate the property, but those are primarily reserved for larger, commercial buildings and may not be necessary for an ordinary residence.

In order to enjoy the maximum comfort in your home ventilation is necessary. Without it you will certainly save on your utility bills and enjoy enhanced efficiency in your home, but you’ll also find that the air in time becomes damp and uncomfortable in its own right.

If you’re considering double or triple glazing for your property be sure to weight the various ventilation options available and the specific needs of your property and family.


Source by Sarah Clark

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