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Wall to Wall Bathroom Rugs


Wall to Wall Bathroom Rugs – The Latest Bathroom Design Idea!

I never really liked the look of a tiled bathroom floor with small mats sprinkled about and I had wall to wall bathroom rugs installed more than 25 years ago! How avaunt-garde is that? Only now is the rest of the world catching up and wall to wall bathroom rugs are the latest fashion in bathroom design ideas. If you want to make your bathroom look a lot more elegant or cozier and have the latest trends, you must get one of the new wall to wall bathroom rugs in there, pronto!

Here is some advice about what you need to know before you choose your new carpeting:

• Olefin is the best bathroom rug material because it isn’t very absorbent.
• If you decided to fix it permanently to the floor, make sure you use adhesive for inside/outside use. Get one that is marked water-resistant.
• Choose a short pile because this will absorb less water. Loop and needle-punch styles are very suitable for wall to wall bathroom rugs.
• Place a bathmat on top of the carpeting and it will absorb excessive wetness.
• If the wall to wall rug does get very wet, place a dry towel on the area and walk about on it in your bare feet. This will absorb the moisture and allow the rug to dry.
• Either lay your wall to wall bathroom rug on a concrete subfloor or put Wonderboard over your subfloor and then fit your bathroom rug on that.

Here are a couple of ideas to give you some notion of cost and to get you started on your window shopping:

Town House Linens online are presently offering ‘Madison Reflections’ plush pile cut-to-fit wall to wall bathroom rugs. This can easily be cut with scissors by you to go around your bathroom vanity units and other fittings and you just lay it in place without the need for tacks or glue. This is a very good idea because it allows you to take up the carpet and machine wash it as required.

It has a non-skid rubber backing which is a very good safety feature. This carpet line is made of 100% OIefin Pile which is resistant to stains and fading by sunlight. There’s a good choice of nine colors so matching it with a bathroom shower curtain will be easy. It’s available in two sizes: 5′ x 6′ and 5′ x 8′ which is big enough for most bathrooms. The price for ‘Madison Reflections’ wall to wall bathroom rugs is $44.99 for the 5′ x 6′ size and $54.99 for the 5′ x 8′ size. These are discounted prices which will save you between 27% – 36% if you buy from Townhouse Linens online.

Also available online from Mohawk Mills is the ‘Royale’ line of wall to wall bathroom rugs. This carpeting has extra-deep pile which will provide a feeling of luxury for your bare feet and is available in a wide range of fifteen colors, which means it will be easy to get a bathroom shower curtain to match. The rug is made from hard wearing 100% Nylon Pile which is stain-resistant and mildew-resistant.

In addition, it’s guaranteed not lose its color or pill. It has a skid-resistant backing and can be machine washed in a large sized or commercial washing machine. The two sizes for ‘Royale’ wall to wall bathroom rugs are 5′ x 6′ which costs $64.99 and 5′ x 8′ which costs $89.99. These prices are also discounted and you would save between 18% – 24% by buying online from the BedBath store.

These are exactly the same wall to wall bathroom rugs which are being sold by the leading department stores right now, but as online shops don’t have the high overheads of a store in a town centre with numerous shop assistants, they are able to offer you much cheaper prices. So if you’re interested in the latest bathroom design ideas decide which color you prefer and then buy yourself some lovely new wall to wall bathroom rugs to really update your bathroom look!


Source by Hassan Ouda

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