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Hardwood Floor Mississauga

Hardwood Floor Mississauga

Few people may actually know the number of options that are out there for a hardwood floor Mississauga. You’d be surprised to know that on top of the type of species of trees you can choose from, there are other options to individualize your floor including how you finish it. You have already heard of the popular hardwood options including cherry, maple, and oak, however there are some other more unusual and yet brilliant types of hardwood floors to consider when creating that amazing finish to your home.

Unique Hardwood Floor Mississauga

Distressed hardwood is essentially hardwood that has been “roughed up” to give a worn-down, aged looked to it. This technique gives any type of wood species that old, classic look even though it is brand new. This method can be done by the manufacturer prior to the actual installation and can be done with any hardwood variety. They have a large number of techniques they use to add the intentional imperfections to the wood, and the goal is to produce a wood that gives the impression it has been around for a long period of time.

Bamboo hardwood floors are second to none when it comes to a durable and yet beautiful finish to your floor. Bamboo boards are created by collecting shavings of the bamboo stalks, drying them, and pressurizing them together into panels that be used for the floor. Because it is harder and more durable than another more popular durable wood like oak, people often seek this type of flooring for jobs that require the floor to last for extended periods of time. There is also an eco-friendly component to using bamboo flooring instead of generic hardwood floors. Since it is a grass rather than an actual tree such as maple, then it can be cut, re-harvested, and responsibly replenished. So this type of flooring definitely wins points on overall impact to the environment which is always nice to know as you walk on it.

The point is, do not just settle for the more popular options. There are other more unique options to choose from that offer their own advantages and disadvantages that you can definitely benefit from. Do some research, and weigh the pros and cons to figure out what floor works best for you because that is the most important factor of all at the end of the day. Hardwood flooring is always a fantastic choice, so good luck and let us know how your job turned out!

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