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Toronto Hardwood Floor

Toronto Hardwood Floor

When picking a Toronto hardwood floor company to install your floors, choosing the highest quality service is highly recommended. Not all companies are equal when it comes to this, and so it is important that you as a consumer do your research about the companies beforehand in order to make sure you are in good hands. There are many small things that your average floor installation worker will miss that a great installer will never overlook. Whether it is out of a lack of experience/skill or just general laziness, you do not want to end up with a job that could have been done better if you did a little more research. After all, a floor is something you will have to live with, literally. Here are some things that you may see from lower quality installation jobs.

Why you Should Avoid Cheap Toronto Hardwood Floor Installations

You will never find a house that has each room made like perfect squares. This is just the reality of homes these days, and something that should be analyzed by your installer ahead of time. Planning is especially important in homes where there are a lot of unique corners and obstructions in the floor such as floor vents that need to be considered. Poor planning can result in moments where the installer is half way through a job and realizes that they should have started a different way. Having a good idea of the home layout beforehand can help the installer avoid needing to use as many narrow pieces or partial boards around areas like stairs, floor vents, and weird corners. The best quality service will involve a complete plan of the project before any hardwood is ever laid down. This will clearly be more time consuming, and hence will cost more to do but it ensures a more professional job will be done.

Good quality installations will also consider the expanding and contracting capabilities of the hardwood into its plan. All companies should know to leave a gap for the edges of the flooring due to seasonal changes in moisture and temperature. However, good quality service will correct for the hardwood’s tendency to expand along its tongue (length), and arrange it so that the job begins from the middle of the room. This is because when it is fixated to the middle of the room, the wood can expand evenly in both directions leading to more predictable changes in its shape. This makes a huge difference in the long run.

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