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TMT Opportunity – Is The Opportunity Worth It?


TMT Opportunity is one website that you can find online that really let you have a chance to start a small business that you can call your own. According to the site, with the training that they will provide an individual can earn a six figure in just the first year. The training will be provided by The Master’s Touch (TMT).

If you do visit the site you will see on the front page what the site offers. It seems that the site implies that what you are buying is not a franchise and there will be no ongoing fees. Instead, the site will offer you a “proven market plan” and an ongoing support. If you want to join, you will start your own business in 30 days or even less. The site also adds that there are no experiences needed and the site also seems to offer financing assistance.

When you are on the site, you will notice that it will ask for your contact information so that you can view an online presentation about The Master’s Touch (TMT). Upon completion, you will be directed to the next page where you will learn some secrets of The Master’s Touch Program that you will do on your part. You will be cleaning hard surfaces such as tile, granite, hardwood floors, concrete, brick walls, grout, and so many more. The site also adds that there are tools that will help you handle carpets and upholstery. The site also adds a last touch with an advise from the company that you will need to advertise for hard surfaces.

Four Available Basic Packages That TMT Opportunity Offers (With Available Financing):

1. Fast Track Package ($13,900)

This is the cheapest amongst the four. Now you know why the site offers financing. According to the site, with this package they will offer you a surface cleaning machine and a four days hands-on training. The training will help you to learn how to operate the machine. The site also adds that they will also provide a 2 years free website hosting, some brochures, business cards for advertising, and an ongoing support.

2. Fast Track Trailer Package ($20,900)

Basically what the site seems to offer is the whole first package with the addition of a few perks. It seems that the site also provides a 5″ x 8″ trailer decked out with advertisements for your own website and that of The Master’s Touch (TMT). According to the site, the trailer includes shelves, hangers for tools, chrome wheels, and a door that turns into a ramp. One can easily load and unload their equipments with the help of the ramp.

3. Third Package ($55,500)

According to the site, one can get a 12 ft. trailer and is customized with information about your business on the side. Included is an upgraded machine that has more attachments. It seems that one will also get few more days of hands-on training.

4. Van Package ($49,000 + the price of the van)

The site offers the final package which includes all the tools of the other packages plus a cargo van.

It seems the site requires huge investments. This is not an investment that will be easily accessible for most individuals. TMT Opportunity might be offering a great business venture. Since it involves lots of cash, one needs to think it over. You will need to ask yourself if this is the right opportunity for you. Do some research first and test the waters before diving in.


Source by Darin Blue

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