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This is the Main Exercise NBA Players Use in the Summer – Learn How to Jump Higher For Basketball


Are you looking to learn how to jump higher for basketball monster slams? If you want to jump out to gym, you need to work at it. It will not come to overnight. But you need to do is to strengthen the proper body parts. But with so many exercises out there, which ones on the right ones? In this article I will show you the number one exercise that NBA players use in the off-season.

If you are looking to learn how to increase your vertical leap, here is the exercise. Many NBA players are shown this exercise by their strength and conditioning coaches. Summertime and the off-season is not only for vacation. It is also a time to improve your game. That’s what the professionals do. That’s why they paid millions of dollars. If you want massive jumping power, do this exercise.

Box Step Offs- this is how to jump out of the gym. Get a box or a chair that is about knee-high. Make sure you have a soft surface like grass or hardwood floor. Stand on top of the box then walk off of it. As soon as you hit the ground, slightly bend your knee, then spring up off the ground. Make sure you do this explosively with your arms flying in the air. Then climb back on the box for another step off.

This exercise on how to jump higher for basketball is done by many NBA players. Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant to name a few. If you want to gain 10 inches in 12 weeks, do this exercise consistently.


Source by Jerrel Green Jr.

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