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The perfect Home decor

The perfect Home decor

Oh how I love home decor. I don’t mean just accessories or pillows, I’m talking about a whole “feel” to a room. I love creating a space that you want to come home to. A space that truly reflects the essence of who you are. It’s important for me to walk into my home and feel it represents a part of my soul. I love hosting people and making them feel calm and comfortable.

My home currently represents calmness. I have very simple pieces of home decor. I don’t spend a fortune on “things”. I look for particular pieces that reflect the style I envision. If there is something I don’t need, I usually give it away so that it is not taking up space.

I like to have a natural holistic feel to my space. I like to bring the outdoor elements inside. I have photos enlarged of nature on my walls from a local photographer. I always like to support local small businesses #shoplocal. My walls are a neutral white colour. I have very simple pieces of furniture and thin white translucent drapes. I also buy plants or pick wildflowers from outside. Nature is the best kind of decor. It brings inner peace and substance to the home. The windows are what brings in the best kind of light to my home. Natural light brings a clear and peaceful energy to each space.

I really believe that it doesn’t matter what budget you have, a home can be made into a beautiful space with a small or a large budget. It just takes a vision.

I believe the most crucial element of a home space is the floor. The floor is literally the foundation of your home. If you have a beautiful floor, you have the ability to have a tranquil space. Changing your floor will change the entire outlook of your home.

When I changed my flooring to a hardwood floor, my entire home looked so much more expensive and gorgeous. Even with the very simple furniture I have, it looks stunning. I have the MOST simple bed frame from Wayfair.ca that costed me about $200, but that bed frame with some nice simple white linens against the beautiful hardwood floor is just perfection. I don’t put carpets over the floor, I let the floor be the main focal point of the home.

With a hardwood floor, you can skip spending so much on decor. anything you get, whether it is hand-me-down furniture or expensive pieces will look amazing against the floor. Invest in your floor and everything will fall into place perfectly!

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