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Simplicity Synergy Vacuum Cleaner Review


It takes three things to get your carpets clean. Agitation (the brush spinning on the carpet), suction (how hard the vacuum sucks when you put your hand over the hose), and airflow (how much volume of air is being pulled across your carpet). Very, very, very few vacuums are good in all three areas. The Simplicity Synergy (X-9) vacuum cleaners are very, very, very good in all three areas. There are several reasons for this. The first, and not the least important is that Simplicity is a vacuum company that actually cares about getting your carpets clean. I say this in contrast to many vacuum companies that are concerned with only the initial sale of the vacuum cleaner, and if you don’t like it or something breaks, they know you will just go to the discount store and buy another one. Those other companies may talk about the importance of customer service, but my experience is that they fall way short of satisfaction. Not only does Simplicity care about your carpet getting clean, but they primarily only deal with dealers who repair vacuums and also care about your carpet getting clean.

What makes the Simplicity Synergy a better cleaning vacuum? The Synergy vacuums have two motors. One motor has a tremendous amount of volume of air flowing through it (because of the type of motor it is), and the other motor has a lot of suction (because of the type of motor it is). Each motor by itself will do an OK job of cleaning, but put them together, along with a belt that will last the life of the vacuum without losing efficiency, and you get a very, very, great cleaning vacuum. One of the biggest issues in carpet cleaning is the belt. We repair vacuum cleaners, and the number one reason why peoples vacuum cleaners do not clean well, is because their belt is worn out. It may look good, but when that brush makes contact with the carpet it starts spinning a lot slower than when it has a new belt on it. I love the fact that Simplicity has totally eliminated that maintenance for the consumer with a belt that will last a lifetime.

The Simplicity Synergy is well built, it’s metal where it needs to be metal, and it’s plastic where it can be plastic to save on weight and cost. It uses LED light bulbs that are guaranteed to last 6 years. It has large soft rubber wheels that won’t scratch your floors and that push really easy. It has a superb filtering system with a cloth disposable bag that filters better than most vacuum cleaners with a hepa filter. Then you put a carbon filter, and a hepa filter on after that bag, and your picking the dirt up out of your carpet and keeping it in your vacuum like few vacuums can.


Source by Britt Harman

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