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Replace Weatherstripping – Horizontal Slider Windows


This is a quick review on how to replace weatherstripping on horizontal slider windows. It should be easy and quick to read so I suggest you read right up to the end and you will most definitely find the information provided helpful in one way or the other.

To keep the warm air in and the cold out of the house there has to be a seal which is airtight between the opening sash, the frame and the window sill. The flexible gasket used to accomplish this is called weatherstripping. Old weatherstripping will be, dried out and will no longer be flexible. When this happens just know that its time to replace it. If it is not airtight it cannot do its job.

If you have horizontal sliding glass windows you will no doubt have thick brush seals. This is a particular type of seal with a very thin flange in the brush that helps with stopping air leaks. Your weatherstripping prevents air leaks on the part of the sliding window that moves. When you buy the very best quality you can be sure to get the best results anytime. As a rule replacing weatherstripping is not really that hard. If you cannot decide which one to buy check it out with a salesperson.

To replace weatherstripping on horizontal slider windows the sash must be removed and then pull all of the old weatherstripping out of the slot. Take your new piece of weatherstripping and cut it to the required length. Then slide and push it if necessary back into the slot. Either tack or staple the ends of the brush to make sure that it will remain in place before you put the sash back in where it should be.


Source by John Mannas Jr

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