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Materials Used in Making Windows and Their Advantages


Window is an essential structure in any room, since they provide light during the daytime and improves the ventilation of the room. Doors and windows are used as a barrier to close an opening and they are made using different materials. Some 30 to 40 years back, the windows that were installed were made up of aluminum, because they were considered to be economical and effective. But, today a material called vinyl is used for making windows.

Why people wish to install vinyl windows?

The following reasons make people to select vinyl windows

– Vinyl windows are cheaper than any other windows.

– Here the windows are made up of Poly Vinyl Chloride (a synthetic plastic), which is very strong and it has a tendency to shape or bend according to our needs.

– Vinyl is very light and easy to handle.

– They have great energy efficiency and provide insulation both under hot and cold conditions.

– Windows made out of this material needs less maintenance.

– The vinyl products beautify the home.


There are different types of wood which could be used for making windows. Wood give an elegant and natural feel to your home, gives structural expression and it is easy to work with wood. In general, there are two types; they are hardwood and softwood.

Softwood – It is easier to use this wood and had been extensively used in the construction of windows. It is vulnerable to damage and has a less durability.

Hardwood – It is difficult to work with this wood to a certain extent. Life span of hardwood is more. Maintenance is easy; just wipe off the excess dirt from the window frames.


Aluminum is a metallic element, silvery in appearance and it is ductile. In those days, most of the houses used aluminum for their windows.

Advantages of using aluminum for windows – It is a lightweight metal with anti-rust property, it improves the life of the window, and it is cost effective.


Fiberglass is a material obtained from fine fibers of glass; here the glass is extruded into fine filaments. The important features of fiberglass are minimum thermal transfer and good noise reduction.

The fiberglass doors offer the following advantages

1. These doors reduce the pressure in its surroundings.

2. This material is very stable, which provides a good base for a full range of finishes and it is very tough so that it could withstand extremes of climate. Fiberglass also provides a superior strength when compared to polyvinyl chloride.

3. The doors made from this material are more resistant than wood doors and the fiberglass doors are famous for their versatility.

Before buying any product, it is good to know about its brand name and its quality. Various home improvement shops are present in Los Angeles and California which gives you lot of ideas in selecting the best window for your house. You can also buy these windows online.

Many people in California buy windows online because they don’t have to carry those windows to home which is done if they buy from a departmental store.


Source by Peter J Michael

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