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Laminate Flooring Mississauga

Laminate Flooring Mississauga

When deciding what type of flooring to use, you will come across laminate flooring as an option that is less expensive and easier to install which means savings. Of course, every flooring option comes with its pros and cons but we’ll get into more detail about why you may want to choose laminate flooring for your next project. This product often simulates wood using a digitally developed photographic layer representing the wood of choice topped off with a clear protective layer. Since laminate flooring uses printed layers for its design, virtually any type of flooring style can easily be replicated. A lot can be saved on labor cost due to the ease of installation, particularly by an everyday home owner with some experience doing flooring. Of course, some care needs to be taken to ensure an even application of the panels in order to avoid peaking and gaps which can create triangle-shaped elevations from the floor. This is why flooring companies will charge you less in general for a laminate floor job as opposed to a comparable job for a different type of flooring. You also need to be careful how you clean the floors, and what methods you use. Generally speaking, cleaning should only involve dry methods with the occasional mop that is designed to prevent excess water from being left on the floor at any time. Other than that, you find that cleaning laminate floors is a hassle-free process. It is resistant to the common spill of liquids as long as it is wiped away quickly to prevent it from soaking the surfaces underneath the clear protective layer. However, if frequent spills are a problem you envision having in the area receiving laminate flooring, then you can elect to get water-resistant coatings that do a better job of protecting the under-surface. Noise is something else to consider. Laminate does not absorb sound particularly well, so you can imagine the amount of noise pollution a tall pair of heels can create on the surface. Will the area be a high traffic zone? Is noise a big issue for your family? These are some things you want to keep in the back of your mind when deciding whether to choose laminate or not. Of course, natural materials such as hardwood are more aesthetically pleasing and may be preferred by others especially when it comes to purchasing a house, but most people are generally okay with having laminate floors as long as they are properly maintained.

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