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Important Steps to Buying a Vintage Carpet


A vintage carpet can be a wonderful addition to any room design, but there are certain steps you are going to want to take to ensure the rug or carpet you choose will provide you with years of use and enjoyment moving forward.

The first step is to set yourself a budget, this is a very important step. You will soon notice as you make your way through the online stores looking at all the vintage carpets on offer, that prices will vary dramatically from carpet to carpet and company to company. With a set budget in mind, you are able to identify which of these items you can afford and which you should skip, this can be one of the steps you use to narrow down your search.

The next step once you have your budget in mind is to go through the online stores and high street stores to identify the quality of the vintage rugs that you are considering. Quality is imperative, as even though the rug may be vintage in design, it should not be so worn that it is only going to last a few months or a year at most. You want a product of the highest quality that can guarantee you longevity moving forward.

Size is a very big deciding factor. It’s advisable to measure the space you have available to identify the right sized vintage carpet that will work in the space. Ensure you check the measurements of the carpets you are looking at to see how they will work in the space. If you are choosing for the living room, make sure the rug doesn’t take centre stage, overpowering the room, but at the same time, choosing a rug too small can look completely out of place.

The condition of the rug is imperative, especially when buying second hand. If you are buying from a rug dealer, then you will have some peace of mind that you are choosing a rug in great condition that you can trust. Most suppliers will provide you with a good returns policy, so in the event the vintage carpet arrives and is not what you were expecting in terms of quality or condition, you can return it without any hassle, enjoying a refund or replacement.

The age of the rug is also a very important thing to consider. Rugs and carpets will wear over time and some slight wearing is acceptable. Depending on the type of carpet or rug you choose, some wearing will give it more character, make it more unique and provide you with something really special you can place in your home with confidence.

The supplier you choose should be one you feel you can trust, especially when buying online. You may want to do some research into the supplier to ensure that they have a good reputation and are known for a reliable service. Not all suppliers are the same, so choose a company with years of experience who import all the vintage carpets they have in stock directly to save you money in the long run.

When the rug arrives, you will want to take a close look at the edges. If the edges are fraying, then the carpet will unravel that bit faster. Ensure you check the item in detail on arrival to make sure you are completely happy with it before you decide to place it in the room only to find out a few months later that the carpet is falling apart.


Source by Mehdi Sharafi

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