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How You Can Remove Creases Easily From Cowhide Rugs


When cowhide rugs are packed and despatched the cowhide can sometimes have the tendency to gain some folding mark and creases. Over time in normal use on the floor the rug creases should come out naturally however if it is desired to have a super smooth cowhide rug immediately then there is an easy way using a domestic iron to ensure the cowhide looks pristine from the off.

Equipment Required

  • Good sized towel
  • Damp flannel or cloth
  • Domestic iron
  • Cowhide rug

Put your cowhide rug onto the floor over the top of the towel. The purpose of having the towel is to protect your floor covering from any potential damage the iron’s heat could cause. Plug in the iron – use an extension power cord if required and set the iron to the maximum temperature possible. Put the damp flannel (or similarly damp tea towel or other clean lint free cloth) over the cowhide rug and work the iron over the crease in the hide in the same manner you would do when ironing clothes. Make sure the iron moves quickly over the area required and apply it only for the minimum time necessary to remove the creases. You will see very quickly that this process is a quick and effective way to ensure you have a crease free and perfect cowhide from the off. Let the hide cool before you place it back in your desired position on the floor.

You can repeat this process periodically with the steam function if required as a clean chemical free way to fumigate your hide and keep it in pristine condition. When steaming you can position the iron over the rug and direct steam jets directly at particularly soiled areas.This is a great way to remove every rug’s nightmare stuck in chewing gum. In a few instances this process may prove insufficient to remove particularly stubborn creases from the hide and this can be a function of the way the hide as dried following the tannin process. These are minor and you shouldn’t worry about them – hide is a natural product and branding iron marks, small marks and tears are a normal part of some of each of these unique pieces. Cowhides rugs are uniquely individual pieces and a marvellous addition to any style of home décor from the traditional ranch house to the uber modern loft style urban apartment and when bought carefully from reliable importers and suppliers and cared for sensitively can provide nearly a lifetime of pleasure and use.


Source by Ian Z Roberts

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