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How to Stop Wobbly Furniture on an Uneven Floor – How Stable is Your Table?


Scenario 1. It’s a Saturday night and you have booked a table at your favourite restaurant. You arrive on time and the waiter shows you to your table. You order a round of drinks which promptly arrive. You take one sip and place the drink on the table. You lean over towards your partner to whisper something sweet, and oh no, the table wobbles, the drinks are spilled all over the table, your new shirt is wet and stained with wine, and your evening is ruined.

Scenario 2. After spending the day trawling around almost every furniture shop in town you finally decide on which table and chairs you are going to buy. You place your order, pay for your items and make your way back home. After a nice cup of tea you decide to put together your table and chairs. After 2 hours of effort your table is finally finished, and sits in your kitchen in pride of place. I think you deserve a sit down on one of your new chairs. But whats going on, your new chair has a wobble. Ok, so your swop the chairs around, that will cure it. Oh no it wont because its your kitchen floor that is uneven, not the chair, and no matter how much you try, or what table and chairs you put in there, it will still wobble.

So whats the answer to these problems? A beermat? A piece of cardboard? A cigarette packet? Or something else?

What is needed is a very simple and ingenious invention to stop tables and chairs from wobbling. Something like a round disc of rubber that is placed under the wobbly leg, and then turned to fit the space between the leg and the floor. This would stop the wobble instantly as the thickness of the device would match the gap between the leg and floor.


Source by Kerry Bailey

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