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How to Restore Crushed Carpet


Ugly carpet pile crushing, or small circles of flattened carpet tend to appear when you’ve had furniture sit in one place for a period of time. This is more of a problem in the main areas such as the living room. It ruins the look of the carpet, and makes it look old before it’s time. Especially if you like to occasionally move your furniture around the room for a change of layout, or to change the feel of a room. A common place is under the wheels or feet of the sofa, as it’s such a lot of weight concentrated on one area, meaning a very intense pressure point. Her I have some tips for removing those eyesores in your carpet. Wool is the best fibre to work with when restoring to it’s original state, but still give it a go if it’s made of synthetic fibre, such as polypropylene.

� Place an ice cube over the indentations, and let them melt into the carpet. Then when the carpet is almost dry, gently flick back the pile with a small metal piece such as a fork, or a key

� Another one to try is to place a damp cloth over the indentations. Hold a hot steam iron a few inches above it the cloth to allow the moisture to work its way into the carpet pile. It’s important not to let the hot iron touch the carpet as it will melt the carpet. Alternatively, use a hair dryer to warm the pile. While it is still warm again use a small metal object to tease, and slowly release the pile upwards. In an ideal situation use a steam cleaner if you do have one to create a similar effect. The way this works is heat and moisture softens the fibres, and allows them to relax and move, so you can re-position them to where they should be. If this doesn’t work it may be that the carpet backing is damaged, making it much harder to restore. It may be time for a replacement by this stage.

Preventing Pile Flattening – Prevention is better than the cure as they say. There are steps you can take to help to reduce the severity of future carpet pile crushing.

– In many work places carpet tiles are used only where there are open areas, so the furniture is just sitting on the bare floor, especially in offices. This completely eliminates carpet crushing, and it also makes the moving of furniture and fittings around a room much easier.

– If you can, be sure to buy a new, dense underlay before installing a new carpet. This will take away some of the impact and protect the carpet backing.

– You can get plastic furniture caps to sit under sofa chairs etc. This greatly reduces pile crushing, but doesn’t eliminate it.

– Move your furniture a couple of centimetres each way every once in a while, to give the pile a rest, and spring back to its original form.

Invest in a good carpet. The kind of quality you are looking for would be one that is dense or highly packed with fibres. Also as mentioned before, a wool carpet is easier to retain back to it’s original form, and it will also be more hard wearing.


Source by Dean A Parker

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