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How to protect your hardwood flooring from moisture and scratches!

How to protect your hardwood flooring from moisture and scratches!

Filling your home with Hardwood flooring is the most satisfying look! But what about areas with moisture? What about the kitchen sink area where you could be walking from sink to counter with wet hands? Cleaning hardwood flooring is simple and quick, but protecting it from wear and tear is another challenge!

We suggest protecting your hardwood floor while still maintaining an elegant vibe.

1. Using a kitchen mat in front of your sink will help prevent water splashes when doing the dishes.

2. Avoid walking on the hardwood floor with sports cleats or heels that can easily damage the natural floor.

3. We highly suggest placing felt circle pads underneath furniture to avoid scratching your floor when moving furniture around.

4. Maintain your floor with a quick sweep or gentle vacuum with an attachment specifically for hardwood floors to eliminate any scratches from winter salt, dirt or dust.

5. Avoid using a sopping wet mop! Instead, squeeze the access moisture out of the mop or cloth so you may control the amount of cleaner you put on your floor. Leaving the floor wet may cause permanent water splotches on your floor!

Female legs standing on toes on hardwood floor

There’s nothing quite like walking barefoot on beautiful hardwood flooring!

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