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Hardwood wholesale Toronto

Hardwood wholesale Toronto

Oak wood is a popular option for floors that are meant to be sturdy and have some class. However, there are ways of grading the wood based on factors such as defects that can determine the price and quality of the product you are getting. Hardwood wholesale Toronto states that although some defects add to the attractiveness of having a set of unique wooden boards in your floor, there is a limit as to how many defects deem a wooden floor a higher or a lower grade. The classification system for this wood can help save you hassle and money in expensive maintenance, repairs, and replacements that can occur in the future.

Grading System for Hardwood Wholesale Toronto

Simply put, oak wood can be graded A to E. These five categories can help you determine the quality of the wood as well as the future outlook on its durability and maintenance. Grade A is the highest quality, and is derived from the best part of the trunk from each wooden species. It has the most uniform colour to it, and has a magnificent grain that only has a low number of defects small in size. These grades progressively get worse as you move from B to D, until you get to E which is wood that is filled with defects and needs a lot of re-furbishing to use it for flooring.

It is sometimes hard to distinguish how to define a blemish that is minor from one that is more robust. There are many blemish types out there too that you should be aware of, that can be the result of many things including growths, organisms, erosions, moisture content, etc.

You also need to understand the difference between sapwood and heartwood which are the two main sections of a tree. Sapwood is initially the inner layer of the tree that both produces and transports nutrients to the rest of the tree. Eventually, this part of the wood moves outwards to the layer right underneath the bark, leaving the wood at the center to become harder and refined, known as the heart wood. Heartwood is the more sought after form of wood, as sapwood is less dense and often only comes in lighter colours.

The more you know about wood that is used for flooring, the better you can make a decision about what is perfect for your home. Find out more by visiting your local flooring store and asking them how to find top graded oak wood.

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