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Hardwood Sale Toronto

Hardwood Sale Toronto

There is a hardwood sale Toronto and you are finally ready to add some flavor to your home that was once thought impossible due to your budget. You have no idea what it takes to find good hardwood, but you want to do your research and become an informed customer. Great! You have come to the right place because here at Luxury Flooring, we will give you our expert opinion on hardwood flooring and what makes it a great option.

You Found a Hardwood Sale Toronto, Now What?

Well, here is a little scoop about what makes hardwood, well, hardwood. There are 3 separate layers to focus your research on:

The foundation for any type of flooring board is the ply layer. This is the internal part of the wooden panel that gives it is functionality. It enables engineered wood to have stability, allowing it to become more resistant to changes in temperature and moisture than the traditional option which is solid hardwood. When it comes to what is the best type of ply wood, it really depends on what ply it is. 3-ply is normally a good number of layers. However, you can find some that are as much as 10-ply and that is when you have some good durability.

The amazing looks you get from a professional hardwood finish is due to the wear layer. This is the veneer that is the top piece of the flooring, and must withstand all the foot traffic of the room. It can range in thickness from 1mm to 5mm and more. Just like the ply layer, the thicker the wear layer, the better it can withstand hits and scratches on its surface. You have many options to choose, and increasingly more as you elect for thicker layers.

Finally, you have the brilliant finish to the flooring. This is the coating that gets applied to the top of the wear layer. It gives the hardwood added protection from scratches, dirt, feet, spills, and so on. It also adds a glossy appearance to the wood itself which brings out its details and adds a brightness that livens up the room. You can get as many as 10 coats on the surface, and of course the more the better when it comes to this.

When you go shopping around for hardwood, think about these 3 essential layers, and how each of them can be optimized to provide you the best quality floor possible.

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