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Hardwood for Sale Toronto

Hardwood for Sale Toronto

Wood has been a favorite flooring option for years and for good reason. It is a durable organic product that has been used to build almost any part of a home. What’s more is that it can be found close to home, as most wood species are grown in Canada. But just like any high quality product, there are characteristics that differentiate one type of wood from another. These characteristics can affect how durable the wood is, how easy it is to install, and whether they can be redone. Customers normally gravitate to the wood product that looks the most appealing to them, as well as what would look great in their homes without considering its physical properties. Customers frequently forget to think about how this wood will hold up in their home’s environment. We are writing this post today during our hardwood for sale Toronto special to shed light on why it is important to factor in the physical properties of wood.

Hardwood for Sale Toronto: What Does a Janka Hardness Score Tell About Wood?

The main concern we have about hardwood is how resistant it will be to bumps, scratches, and overall physical damage. The best way to quantify this is by using what is known as the Janka Hardness Test. This machine literally drives a steel ball that is 0.445 inches into the flat surface of a wooden plank, and stops once exactly half of the ball has penetrated the wood. The force used to accomplish this is recorded, and this gives the wood an overall strength rating. The average rating was determined as 1290, and you can measure any wood species by comparing their number to the average. If you live in a home with heavy furniture and a lot of food traffic that can potentially lead to physical damage, then your best bet is to purchase a wood that is higher than 1290 on the scale. Higher numbers will allow the wood to be more resistant to physical damage, having your floors last for longer periods of time as well.

If you already made the decision to install a hardwood floor, then the Janka Hardness Scale is a useful tool for knowing how much your wood will stand up to physical damage from things like foot traffic and heavy furniture. For more information, visit your flooring experts at Luxury Flooring Inc and find out the best options for your floors today!

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