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Hardwood Floors Vs. Carpeting – Which is More Expensive?


When considering a floor project you will probably start wondering—-Hardwood flooring vs. Carpeting – Which is more expensive? Choosing flooring is an important aspect of any home building or improvement project. When you decide which flooring to go with it encompasses a number of decisions that must be made. Both hardwood and carpeting can be beautiful and will enhance the look of a home. Whether it is a seaside house in Cape Cod, a desert home in New Mexico or a high sierra mountain cabin in Mammoth Lakes; the finishing touch can be a beautiful floor that accents the character of the home.

Priority number one when looking at Hardwood floors or carpeting is which cost more. It is however, more involved than just pricing the two types of flooring. To get a true feel for the cost of each you have to look at installation, the grade of flooring used, what the cost of maintenance be, and how durable it is. If you are concerned about the environment you may also want to know which one is more eco-friendly. Each set of questions can have different answers as they’ll change from case to case. But we can look at some of the variables to give you a good feel for the basics when making your decision.

The lowest-grade hardwood flooring may be less expensive than the highest-grade carpet. But, the reverse is also true. A high grade hardwood might cost more then the lowest-grade carpet. So, when it come to initial purchase price there are several variable to consider. Among them are; “Was it on sale?” and “Is it esthetically pleasing?” If both types of floorings are basically the same grade, then normally hardwood flooring will be more expensive than carpet. Installation of hardwood floor is generally also more expensive than carpet installation. Maintenance is the next concern. In a busy household the carpet could need to be vacuumed weekly to daily. It is also relatively easy to stain and should be shampooed for steam cleaned once a year. Hardwood flooring usually only needs sweeping and a relatively quick mopping. However, nothing beats the warmth of a carpet. Going back to our Mammoth Lakes, mountain cabin example, a warm carpet in a bedroom could be exactly what you want on a cold winter morning. Purchasing eco-friendly carpet or hardwood flooring may raise the price of both, depending on the manufacturer. Hardwood flooring will cost more to replace then carpeting. However, a hardwood floor may last for a lifetime, but a carpet will not. Ultimately the cost of one over the other is dependent on so many variables that you will need to consider the different aspects before deciding for yourself.


Source by Gail Leino

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