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Hardwood Flooring Toronto Sale

Hardwood Flooring Toronto Sale

Once you have picked up the perfect engineered wood from a hardwood flooring Toronto sale, there are still decisions to be made about the flooring. In particular, you must decide how you would like to install the new boards onto your floor.

Three Different Ways to Install, Advice from a Hardwood Flooring Toronto Sale

Do you ever feel like some wooden floors are a lot hollower sounding than others when you walk on them? Many would think that this is the product of aging and a poor installation job, but it was actually done on purpose. This type of installation is called the floating method. This is actually a preferred method for quite a number of individuals, and the main reason is that it protects the room against the results of fluctuations in humidity and temperature. As we all know, under these conditions wood (even engineered) will tend to want to expand and contract in reaction to it. However, if this installation method is used, the floor is not directly fastened to the subfloor anymore. The boards are still clipped and snapped together, but since they are not reinforced onto the subfloor, it gives the wood room to contract and expand without worrying about any buckling occurring.

Another installation practice is called the glue method, and it is literally how it sounds. The engineered hardwood is attached to the subfloor using an adhesive material that can prevent the hollow sounds from happening. However, these glues also provide protection against buckling, albeit not as much as the floating method but it does a good enough job. Since it is moisture resistant, it acts as another barrier against moisture which is always beneficial, however it does not have as much leeway for expansion and contraction as the floating method.

Lastly, the nailing method is used when you really want to reinforce the hardwood onto the subfloor. The obvious advantage is that the flooring is not going anywhere any time soon. On the flip side, you are most likely to see problems with buckling and expansion/contraction using this method. It is important to know the climate and room characteristics before deciding which installation method you will choose.

Although it is easier to install engineered flooring, you still need to consider the above installation methods after you purchase the wood. Any of these methods offer both pros and cons, and it really comes down to what fits your needs the most.

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