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Hardwood Flooring in Mississauga

Hardwood Flooring in Mississauga

What does it take to make a room look new but classic at the same time? If you are wondering that, look no further than adding that new hardwood floor that can elevate the presence of the room. However, people are often scared about having hardwood flooring in Mississauga since scratches are a definite possibility as well as the amount of maintenance that goes into them. One of the primary problems that can occur is that the shine of the hardwood becomes dull over time, leading to a less than overwhelming look to the finish that once made your house look extravagant. So what can be done about the not so permanent shine of a hardwood floor you may ask? Fortunately, there are some options out there to bring that brilliant shine that it once had back, so read along and become informed.

How to make hardwood flooring in Mississauga shine

Let’s face it, the finish to flooring that is hardwood is not permanent and does not last the test of time. You do have the option of refinishing when it comes to that point, and bring it back to its original appeal. A great way of telling if your floor needs to be refinished in the first place is to observe how water droplets act on its surface. If the droplets bead when they make contact with the wood, then you know the finish is still intact. However, if the water is able to soak into the floor underneath affecting its colour then you know it is time to refinish. Another thing that may affect how fast the floor dulls over time is how often you wax the floor. If you use wax regularly, it can speed up the process leading to floors that need to be refinished a lot earlier. It is recommended that waxing should only be reserved for twice a year, however we find that most clients tend to exceed this recommendation simply because they do not know the effect it has on the floor.

Are you mopping the floor instead of sweeping and vacuuming it? Even you mop and sweep, the problem of scratching still exists with mopping. A wet mop on the hardwood floor can pick up dirt and drag it along the entire surface leading to stains such as scratches, streaks, and other dirty residues. Keep this in mind to increase the life of the original finish.

Also think about what is allowed on the surface. Making sure things like shoes, appliances, tools, and even nail clippings never reach the surface are paramount in maintaining the floor. Furniture is not something you can avoid, but you can at least add foam/fabric protectors on the bottom of the contact areas to prevent scratching when they need to be moved.

At the end of the day, hardwood flooring in Mississauga will become dull over time regardless what you do to it. However, taking the proper precautions can significantly increase the amount of time it will take before you need to refinish it.

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