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Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood Floor Installation

We Canadians are proud of our wilderness. Like the saying goes, Canada has the world’s greatest backyard and for many good reasons. If you live in the GTA area, all you need to do is take a small trip up north and you will hit some illustrious forests that Canadians are known to brag about. What makes it even more interesting is that we also have the best variety and options when it comes to hardwood floor installation because of this great backyard of ours. This is the main reason why many elect to choose hardwood flooring for their next home project. It makes them feel at home in so many ways, and why not? The home is a place to feel comfortable in. When it comes to installation, many of us know the more popular options but let us explore some of the more uncommon yet intriguing ones that are out there.

Hardwood Floor Installation Options for Canadians

If you want a type of flooring that adds both Canadian tradition and a whole ton of character to your room, then try looking at hand scraped hardwood. This option is wood that has been manually worked into flooring planks by hand. It creates a unique pattern of scrapes and textures that are irregular which adds the character that it is known for. The key that makes it so unique is that it is hand scraped, and its pattern can never be replicated again which is quite astonishing. Since it is handmade, it is a more costly option but well worth it if you want something unique and full of character.

Another option out there for those who are more concerned about the environmental impact of hardwood flooring is reclaimed hardwood. Manufacturers will create this flooring out of recycled wood, that is usually reclaimed by previous owners of hardwood flooring. Although many may think that recycled hardwood is of old quality, you will be shocked to know that it may actually be great quality that you get from it. The reason is that since reclaimed hardwood mainly comes from older buildings and structures from around the globe, it is frequently made out of old growth heartwood which is a higher quality wood that is more expensive nowadays.

The great thing about hardwood flooring is that there are so many options out there. It may become hard to single out that one type that is perfect for you, but then it would not be as interesting otherwise. Do your research, and find the right hardwood for your next job!

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