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From Carpet to Hardwood Floor

From Carpet to Hardwood Floor

I remember as a child the soft feel of carpet under my feet. I loved the sensation of squishy soft carpet in-between my toes. I loved seeing the lines after vacuuming as if I mowed the lawn inside my home. Oh those lines were so satisfying! Over time, after multiple spilt glasses of grape juice, owning a cat and trying to clean the mess after it and seeing the wear and tear of the carpet, I began to understand why hardwood flooring is a smart choice.

My parents switched over from carpet to hardwood flooring when I was a teenager. I was totally against it at first. I remember my resistance to the thought of walking on a hard surface. After attending many house viewings, and talking to friends of the family, hardwood flooring was the final decision!

After completely changing the house over to hardwood flooring, it felt like a new home! I couldn’t believe how much SPACE we had. Everything just felt cleaner and more clear. No matter how messy the house may have been, the one thing that was perfectly intact was the floor!

Spills, dust, footprints and food drops were easy as pie to clean. The cat adjusted and quite enjoyed sliding from one area of the house to the other.

Having guests over and showing off our kitchen and how it flowed so nicely into the dining room is a real treat. The consistency that hardwood flooring gives you home is elegant and peaceful.

If you love your home and want to give it a little revamp love, changing your carpet to hardwood floor will make all the difference.


Adjusting well to the new floor 😉
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