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Essentials to Keep in Mind While Designing an Office Cafeteria


The office cafeteria is one of the most significant parts of any workplace. It serves as an informal meeting place for all colleagues to eat, unwind and socialise. It offers employees an atmosphere to relax amidst the work pressure that surrounds them all day. Such being the motive, the interior design of the office pantry should be designed with consideration towards comfort, relaxation and space utility. Some key tips for an effective and functional office pantry design include:


As the workstation area is designed with a colour that enhances concentration, the cafeteria should be designed with colours that are refreshing and warm. Adding vibrant colours such as red, purple, green or orange on the walls, food counter or furniture can be very rejuvenating and refreshing after long monotonous and tiring work schedules. Vibrant colours also help in setting the right ambience whilst adding to the energy levels of the employees for the remaining shift after their short breaks. Glossy and shiny colours enhance the overall look of the cafeteria.

Seating Arrangement

Every employee uses the cafeteria for occasional tea breaks as well as for having lunch. Since the cafeteria is a relaxing area where employees congregate together, the interior design of the cafeteria should accommodate the maximum number of people simultaneously without looking congested. The table and chairs should be judiciously selected on the basis of the space available. There should also be enough space for the free movement of employees within the canteen without any obstruction from furniture or other essential appliances.


The flooring of the cafeteria should serve two purposes: help set the correct atmosphere and also have convenient usability. Ceramic tile flooring, vinyl flooring and concrete flooring are some of the popular flooring materials used for office cafeterias. Emphasis should be given to the flooring type that is easy to maintain, seems aesthetic and is also slip-resistant.


Lighting is one of the essential factors whilst designing a cafeteria. The right type of lighting will ensure a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in the office pantry.. Flush mount lighting, recessed light fixtures, pendant lighting and global type lighting are some of the most popular lighting options that are stylish and affordable whilst at the same time provide ample lighting in the cafeteria.


The cafeteria should be well-furnished to make a high-impact impression. Durability and quality are the prime factors that should be considered when selecting the furniture including tables, chairs and cabinets. However, care should also be taken to see that the furniture doesn’t clutter the space and affect the movement of the employees.


Going a step further in creating a great cafeteria design, the office pantry should be decorated with some motivational posters, inspiring photographs, beautiful wall paintings or some other art form. This not only enhances the office decor but also refreshes the mind.


Source by Sachin Boradia

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