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Engineering Floor Installation

Engineering Floor Installation

The performance of engineering floor installation compared to solid floor installation is different and something that needs to be explored before beginning a job. This is because it impacts the types of rooms that the woods can be used for, and must have properties that are resistant to a few things including moisture, pressure, heat, and surface insults such as scratches and abrasions.

How to decide between engineering floor installation and solid floor

Both come from real, solid hardwood. However, engineered flooring jobs do offer a few more advantages that make it a more viable option for certain rooms in the home. Firstly, these flooring jobs are inherently more stable. This means that they have more resistance to wear and tear that continuously occurs on a daily basis. Factoring this quality in is crucial when you have a room that is high traffic such as an entry hallway into the living room. The wear and tear is considerably higher in these areas which is why engineered flooring might be the better option for it.

The increased stability also makes it more resistant to swelling and compressing due to changes of temperature and moisture. Labor costs can be significantly reduced when the expert knows that they do not have to consider spacing out the floors as much to allow for expanding and contracting to occur as seen in solid wood flooring. Also, due to the fact that engineered hardwood can withstand moisture and humidity a lot better, you are not as restricted to use it in places such as the basement and washrooms as much which are inherently more prone to such things. Keep in mind though, wood in general does not tolerate moisture if it is sitting on the floor for long periods of time.

Lastly, installing engineered flooring onto concrete floors is possible under the right conditions! Solid wood floors must be nailed permanently into the subfloor most of the time, which makes it hard to do when the subfloor is concrete. This along with the fact that it is less prone to expanding and shrinking makes it easier to install if you are doing the job on your own. Manufacturers have set very high standards these days when it comes to hardwood flooring, and a lot of information is now available about how to select the right flooring as well as how to install it with step by step instructions. The possibilities are endless, so grab your thinking cap and make the most out of your flooring job experience.

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