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Engineered Wood Flooring Toronto

Engineered Wood Flooring Toronto

There are numerous conversations out there about why engineered wood flooring Toronto is more resilient when exposed to moisture and various temperatures than solid hardwood. It is the main reason why you can install engineered hardwood, and not have to worry that it will separate or buckle when exposed to such conditions. However, if and/or when your engineered hardwood flooring begins to buckle under conditions that the warranty stated it would not react to, then you need to know why these things can happen in order to know how to address the problem.

Engineered Wood Flooring Toronto

Wood tends to react to the environment it is stored in. As such, it can also be affected by the conditions of the building it was stored in, such as a warehouse as well as the truck that delivered it to the store you purchased it from. Any of these environments can affect how much moisture is within the wood itself, which has a direct effect on how much it expands or contracts. Of course, it takes some time before the changes are noticeable, but eventually the wood will acclimatize and settle to a certain moisture level under a certain environmental condition. That is not to say that these changes are significant and will prevent you from installing the flooring. But, if the wood has not been left in a certain environment for at least a week, then you will not know how much the wood will actually contract or expand in the long run. This is why it is important to allow the wooden panels to acclimatize in the room they will be installed in.

Ideal conditions for hardwood flooring in any room of the house is 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, and a humidity of 30% up to 50% relative to the outdoors. The reason is that it keeps the moisture content of the wood at ideal levels, which should be around 10%. Anything around these numbers, and you are bound to see wood that will buckle. However, one of the most common causes for this to occur is when the wood has not acclimatized to the environment it will be installed in which can be the fault of the manufacturers. Speak to a professional if you are experiencing these problems as they can assess moisture levels of the wood, and give you a better idea of why the finish may have changed over time.

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