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Engineered Hardwood Toronto

Engineered Hardwood Toronto

Ever wondered why people still elect to use solid hardwood vs. engineered, and vice versa? There are some good reasons out there for both as you will find out from an engineered hardwood Toronto store, and this article will get into such details.

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood Toronto

Engineered hardwood is definitely a more stable and durable flooring option than solid hardwood. However, it still doesn’t have the protection against moisture and temperature that a tile finish provides which is important to know. You still need to consider how the room’s moisture and temperature levels are and what that means for your flooring. There are recommended guidelines that can be found by the manufacturer’s booklet about acceptable levels of each. Just remember that if levels get too high, then expect to see the wood begin to buckle, cup, and lose the brightness from its finished surface.

As nice as it is to have a more durable product, solid hardwood offers a great advantage. They can be refinished throughout its entire lifetime up to three times by sanding and adding a new veneer finish. Most engineered hardwoods cannot be refinished due to the veneer’s characteristics, although you can re-stain it a couple of times.

Arguably, the greatest advantage of using engineered hardwood is the ease of installation. The tongues and grooves that are cut into the engineered wood make the design easy to clip together. As a result, the entire floor becomes a uniform unit that operates as one. On the flip side, solid hardwood cannot do this, and is harder to install as a result. The lack of a clipping feature also makes solid hardwood fail at becoming a uniform floor that moves as one, and instead it becomes a bunch of panels that are harder to put together.

You will be happy to know that engineered wooden flooring does not require that much maintenance. Most of these floors can be cleaned with most products, and just need the occasional wax job to keep the surface nice and shined up. Solid wood, as close to the real thing as it is can only be cleaned by a few approved products. This in turn makes it harder to maintain, and gives the owner more to think about when cleaning the floors.

Viewing this article, you can start to see why engineered flooring may be the better option for the guy or gal that does not want to hassle too much with anything in their house. However, the naturalist may feel that the authenticity of the solid wood floor is worth the extra bill of maintenance that comes with it. In any case, you have the power to decide so choose wisely!

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