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Engineered Flooring Installation

Engineered Flooring Installation

Engineered flooring installation is something you definitely need to consider if you want to do flooring for your home. It is made from the core of hardwood, topped off with a fine layer of veneer that is available in any species of hardwood. The engineered hardwood was designed to solve problems that wood has with heat and moisture, providing a more stable option that can last the test of time. You can now have hardwood flooring in your basement which is generally a damp area of the house. Also, you can install this type of hardwood flooring on top of radiant heating systems. Unlike the traditional solid hardwood which becomes particularly dry over heated areas leading to irreversible shrinkage of the flooring, engineered hardwood has much more resistance to heat. These kind of heating systems that go under flooring also tend to buckle up traditional wood, creating uneven floor surfaces.

What Makes Engineered Flooring Installation so Versatile?

Including the veneer made of hardwood which is the top layer, engineered hardwood tends to have at least 3 layers to it. The increased number of layers gives greater stability for the flooring and allows you to use more sturdy layers in the bottom that will not be seen, but will influence how durable to floor is. The veneer on top will still be the real hardwood that will add brilliance to your floor, except now you have sub layers that are designed more for durability than aesthetics. The sub layers can include materials such as high density fiberboard wood, plywood, or some other type of hardwood that is graded higher for durability. Thickness of the veneer layer is normally around 1mm to 5mm which may seem thin at first glance, but most of these types of hardwood flooring come with a 25-year warranty for the finish to last.

These are some of the things that make engineered flooring a superior option for your next flooring job simply because of how versatile it is. The best part is that the whole house can essentially have the same type of flooring, leading to a continuity that has never before been practical for the home. Speak to a professional about engineered flooring, and how your house can benefit from having the brilliance of hardwood in your home without the risks of heat and moisture factoring into your decision. Make the right choice today that will benefit you in the future.

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