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Damask Home Decor – The Do’s and Do Not’s of Decorating With Damask


The rules that govern the art of interior decorating are open to interpretation. Recently, damask has seen a resurgence in its popularity as a decorating material. This luxurious material is similar to silk in its texture, but the term may also refer to a style of weaving. Before an individual begins decorating with damask, he or she should sketch their floor plan, including the room dimensions, the window sizes and placement, and the location of special features, such as electrical outlets. Although damask is a highly versatile decorating material, it may behoove an individual to discover their own personal style by reading decorating magazines or attending floor shows.

When an individual is determining how to incorporate damask into the interior of their room, it is critical that the individual first identify the primary focal point of the room, such as a piece of furniture or a fireplace. It is also important that an individual define the style of the room in question. Most of these ideas are basic rules for interior decorating; however, these steps are also important when it comes to determining how to place the damask within the room.

The next step in learning how to successfully decorate with damask is for the decorator to choose a signature piece in the room to design their them around. Damask is usually incorporated into a room through drapes, table cloths, upholstery, and cloth wallpapering. Damask does come in a wide variety of color choices and patterns. Although damask may be incorporated into a room in multiple manners; however, it is important to ensure that the various checks, stripes, and other geometric patterns of the damask do not clash with one another within the interior of the room.

If a person chooses to incorporate a variety of colors and patterns of damask within the interior of a room, then the damask needs to be coordinated with one another by unifying elements, such as the trim color of wood, flooring, motifs, or other materials. A popular trick for decorating an interior with damask is engage the principle of repetition when planning shapes, colors, and patterns. Other elements of the room, such as the furniture being used or the lighting from various lighting fixtures, may play an influential role in how the damask is perceived in the room. It will also behoove an individual to purchase the highest quality of damask an individual can afford. The quality of the damask will determine the life of the fabric.


Source by Gabriella Ramirez

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