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Commercial Cleaning – How To Strip And Seal A Floor


One of the most time consuming and tricky aspects of commercial cleaning, is the task of stripping and sealing a vinyl floor. there are many problems associated with it and if you don’t know what you are doing, then the results can be anything but impressive. A decent commercial cleaner that’s worth his weight would know how to do a fantastic job when attempting to strip and seal your vinyl or most other types of flooring.

First off, the area needs to be cleared of all furniture and other bits and pieces. Then the area needs to be thoroughly vacuumed as any dust left on the floor will ruin the glass like finish you are hoping to achieve. Most office cleaning companies have all the proper equipment needed to do this properly. Once the are is clean, a mop and bucket should be used to thoroughly wet the area with the stripper in the bucket. the water should always be as hot as possible, not boiling though as that may damage the floor and not to mention the fumes in the steam from the stripper. Once the stripper solution is down, some steel wool should be used around the edges but always wear gloves as the solution can be very caustic. Remove all scuff marks with the steel wool. then run a buffer with the vac off using the correct type of pad depending on how much old polish needs to be removed. Run the buffer length wise and then cross wise to make sure the whole surface area of the floor is covered. Once that’s done, use a wet vac to remove the stripper off the floor followed by a clean mop to clean up any streaks and excess stripper.

You should let it dry before giving it a final buff to seal the floor. Most commercial cleaning companies that I have ever worked with usually leave that last step out for times sake but if you don’t seal the floor before laying down new polish, the finish wont be as good. Once the floor is completely dry, run a vacuum over the area to pick up any loose dust which remains on the floor. Give the floor at least three coats of a suitable polish and wait till the coat is touch dry before applying the next coat. At no time should you buff the polish between coats. Try and allow at least eight to ten hours hardening time before the floor is used. if the polish is too ‘soft’, then any scratches or scuff marks will become permanent when the polish hardens. this hardening usually takes between 24-48 hours depending on the polish itself.


Source by Andrew Radics

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