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Choosing Window Treatments For Vinyl Replacement Windows


Vinyl windows are one way to make a home look better and save money at the same time. This is becoming a popular trend in Virginia, especially in Virginia Beach. After installing replacement windows, accenting them with window treatments adds flair and style. Radiant heat produced by the sun is less when high performance glass is used, so protecting the room from excessive heat by using heavy or lined window treatments is a thing of the past. Décor in each room in the house is different, so apply a different type of window treatment on replacement windows in Virginia Beach, depending on the use, formality and décor of the room.


The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home. It is usually informal in décor. Vinyl windows in Virginia Beach allow plenty of light to filter into the room. Lightweight curtains, such as cotton blends or open weave fabric, are fashionable and appropriate. Use tiebacks to open the view, or leave them closed if preferred. Choose colors that blend in with appliances or cabinetry, flooring and countertops. Horizontal blinds may be used to provide more privacy and less light. They can be raised and lowered as necessary. These are available in many different colors, but are most common in neutral tones. Roman shades give a neat and orderly appearance and can be made of nearly any material, including cotton, rattan or bamboo. A simple valance or single jabot overtop the window will suffice for a slightly informal or casual look.


Use window treatments in the bathroom to protect privacy and create a less stark appearance. Most importantly, choose materials that can withstand high humidity from bath and shower use. Consider water-resistant curtains, shades or shutters that can be laundered or cleaned with minimal effort to prevent build-up of dust or mildew. Use interior light sources to brighten the room, rather than relying on the covered windows for sunlight.

Living Room

Make a notable view of the landscape or ocean the focal point of the living room with vinyl windows in Virginia Beach and other scenic areas. Window treatments should not block the view, but enhance it. Sheer curtains under draperies with tieback curtains will coordinate with the room’s decor. For a more open look, hang swags overtop the windows and let them drape down the sides. This is very effective for bay windows and large open windows areas. A double jabot will achieve a similar look for a small or narrow window.


Privacy and décor are the two main focal points of the bedroom windows. Use short curtains, long draperies, vertical blinds or any type of shades to accent the window. Any of these can be opened or closed easily from day to night to allow for privacy and regulation of light. A layered look of shades or blinds under the curtains or drapes with a tieback will cover all purposes. A simple tapestry or eclectic set-up of beads or wood is appropriate for teenagers or children looking for a little pizzazz.


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