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Choosing a Floor Colour

Choosing a Floor Colour

Choosing a colour of floor can be remarkably difficult! There are SO many factors that come into play as you choose your colour.

The right flooring can be a distinct factor in setting the mood of your room. Think about the size of the room you are putting your floor in. The general observation is that a dark floor makes the room appear to be smaller. If you like dark flooring but want a spacious feel to your room, you may want to consider keeping your wall a lighter colour and plenty of window light to balance this vision.

A light floor hides scratches and paired with a light colour wall, can make a room appear nice and big. Light colours make a space appear softer, optimistic and open.

Creating a vision board for your room ahead of time will limit any surprises. Creating a vision board whether it be on Pinterest, or a saved folder of google images will help you have a clear vision of the atmosphere you want to create. This vision board planning will also make it easier to choose drapery, furniture and art to place in your room.
The foundation always starts with the floor you walk on.

We are here every step of the way if you have any questions regarding your flooring!

Classic bedroom, scandinavian modern style, minimalistic interio

Classic bedroom, scandinavian modern style, minimalistic interior design

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