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Choosing A Color Of Carpet


When it is time to consider which color of carpet to use there are many factors to consider. In this article you will learn about the pros and cons of carpet colors.

Lets start with light colors such as white or off white. People are often tempted to purchase white carpet because it makes rooms look bigger and brighter. This is of course true, it will make a small dark room seem brighter and bigger. The problem with light carpet is that it shows everything. Because of that fact it is best left for rooms that are seldom used or for homes that do not have kids or pets.

Bright colors such ar reds are popular in more modern homes. If you want a bright color keep in mind that they could be subject to sun fading and the color might become tiresome over time. For these reasons bright colors are best left for rooms that do not receive intense sunlight and for rooms where you don’t expect to keep the carpet for a great deal of time.

Dark colors such as dark blue or even black are often used in rooms such as media rooms. It will help to darken the room to enhance your television or movie viewing. This color of carpet would be best left for large rooms since they could make smaller rooms seem even smaller. The plus about dark carpet is that it does not show soiling as much and it is therefore good for media or game rooms.

Lastly you have neutral colors such as tan or brown. These colors are the most popular because they strike the balance between brightness and soil hiding capabilities. They also tend to go well with all decors so they are goof for homes that you may not plan on keeping for a long period. If you have children, pets or think you might be selling your home in the near future you probably want to go with a neutral color.

Whatever you decide on be sure to examine how the carpet will work in your situation. Be sure to take the time, do the research and choose the color that works best for you.


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