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Cheap Hardwood Flooring Toronto

Cheap Hardwood Flooring Toronto

A lot of people elect to try installing hardwood themselves without knowing about certain factors that can make their lives really difficult. These same factors, when known can lead to a headache free job, and neighbors that are likely going to want your expertise when they want to install wooden floors themselves. Once you have done the easy part of finding the wood and shipping it to your house, the next step is to make sure you only need to install it once. Cheap hardwood flooring is a good idea, but you want to get it right the first time. Here, we will discuss certain factors of wood to consider upon installation and how to go about selecting the right hardwood for your job. Our hope is that after reading this article, you will save yourself the hassle of having to redo any part of the flooring, and spend more time enjoying the rest of your day!

Installing Cheap Hardwood Flooring Toronto

Workability of the Wood: This factor is important for knowing how to reinforce the wood onto your subfloor. Workability refers to how well wood can be penetrated by nails and screws, and still maintain its integrity. This is also an important factor for knowing how well a fastener will hang onto the wood without releasing. Three measures that determine the workability of wood include the Janka hardness scale grade, the texture of the wood (whether it is fine or coarse graining), and density. Finding out the workability of the hardwood helps you organize how you will install the wood, and what to avoid in terms of fixation techniques.

Bending Strength of the Wood: The grain of the wood is always aligned along the length of the panel. This is what keeps the wood rigid along its length, but varies depending on type of wood. Since hardwood is normally laid down on top of a sturdy subfloor inside the home, you will not be faced with bending problems per se. This factor is more important when the hardwood is expected to be supported by beams. Most of the wood’s length will be left afloat without reinforcement, as seen in decks for example. If you are building a deck, then it is important to know the bending strength of the wood. Low bending strength will lead to wood that can bow over time, sometimes even requiring another job within a year or two.

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