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Best Hardwood Flooring Toronto

Best Hardwood Flooring Toronto

For the best hardwood flooring Toronto, you need a subfloor that is suitable for the job at hand. Far too often, our customers will jump to purchasing the hardwood without examining their subfloor situation which can vary from household to household. There are standards that each subfloor should meet before installing wooden floors onto them. A lot of problems occur simply because the subfloor was not capable of handling it, or was not appropriate for the job. Every expert will tell you that a subfloor should be prepared before you even begin your hardwood job. Here are some things to look out for when preparing your subfloor.

Subfloors for the Best Hardwood Flooring Toronto

Is the subfloor clean? Having any type of dirt or debris on the subfloor can interfere with the adhesion’s it will have with the flooring. The first thing you should do is sweep it clean of any visible and freely moving debris. Then, you can use a buffer to remove any further buildup that was not removed from the sweep. Finally, use sandpaper to abrade the entire surface, and make sure that you are free of dirt.

Is the subfloor flat? There are standards that must be met in terms of how flat the floor needs to be before you can install flooring. If the subfloor is not flat enough before the flooring job, then it must be leveled and the leveling technique depends on the type of subfloor at hand. Plywood subfloors require additional layers of plywood to level up the low areas. Alternatively, asphalt shingles may be used as well to do the same thing with an uneven plywood. With slabs, leveling compounds are normally used to fill in the low areas. If you have high areas that make the slab subfloor uneven, then you can grind them down in order to level them.

Is the subfloor dry? Moisture content must be confirmed in the subfloor in order to gauge whether this will affect the hardwood floor that will go on top. Additionally, once the subfloor is covered, it is less likely that the moisture level will be able to change. The problem is that it can create a breeding ground for mold, which can become a health hazard to the home if not carefully taken care of. We sometimes forget that wood is a natural compound, and is subject to retaining moisture when not carefully monitored.

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