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Advantages Of Polypropylene Fibre Carpet


Along with the two most popular fibres used in carpet, wool and nylon, is polypropylene. While less common that wool or nylon, it has its own distinct advantages which are slowly but surely seeing the material make a more regular appearance with flooring retailers. While wool or nylon might be the only offering of carpet retailers at the moment, you can expect to see polypropylene to feature in carpet stores very soon too.

Polypropylene is a popular flooring choice in America, growing steadily into Europe. So why is it coming into popularity?

One of its biggest selling points, is how stain proof the fibre can be. In comparison to wool and nylon, polypropylene fibre carpets are extremely stain resistant, making it ideal for families with young children, where spillages and accidents are likely to happen more often than not.

Rather than polypropylene on its own, the fibre is usually found in a blend of wool, similar to the way nylon is blended with wool. While a carpet with a mixture of nylon and wool has the tough characteristics of nylon and the comfort of wool, a wool-polypropylene carpet has characteristics which comprise of stain resistance and comfort – making it an ideal choice for areas of the home which are prone to staining; while a nylon-wool carpet would be more ideal to a heavily used area, perhaps in the workplace.

It’s not just the stain proof qualities which sees polypropylene coming into popularity, though. With the material being naturally high wearing, it can last on the floor for years to come – though not quite as resilient as nylon, it does the job. The carpet also shows great ability to hold colour for a much longer period of time than wool or nylon.

Therefore for homes, especially with young children or areas which are likely to come into contact with stains, a mixture of polypropylene and wool in a carpet can be absolutely perfect. While in Europe you might find it difficult to buy a carpet other than a mixture of nylon and wool, it might be worth looking around for a retailer who can stock a polypropylene carpet, if only for the stain resistance properties being more beneficial than the resistant but hard nylon fibre.

While nylon is great in the workplace, being durable and tough, a soft comfortable floor is more ideal for the home, and with young ones about, it can be perfect.


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