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A Look at Teak As a Source For Furniture


Furniture as a word represents movable items or objects that act as a extension to activities of the human body in its daily activities. As an example you have beds to spend the night and chairs to sit down. Furniture can also be used as a appendage for storage for items like clothes, tools or books.

The types of furniture are utility, artistic or decorative. The materials used for making furniture can be wood, iron, plastic or steel.. Over the centuries man by experience has learnt that the most durable material for manufacture of furniture is teak. Teak( Tectona) is a genus of tropical hardwood trees belonging to the Verbenacea family. It is mostly available in Asia which has the maximum number of teak forests anywhere in the world. Indonesia and Myanmar in SE Asia are famous as teak exporters.

These trees are fairly large and grow to heights of nearly 30 to 40 m. Some of them become giants. Three species of teak that have been identified by scientists.

a) Tectona grandis. This is the most common teak tree and is available in fairly large numbers in Assam in India, Indonesia and Thailand..

b) Tectona hamiltoniana also called Dahat Teak is a local species confined to Myanmar formerly Burma. The Burma teak is derived from here..

c) Tectona philippinensis is also called Philippine Teak is common to the Philippines.

Both the teak trees native to Burma and Philippines is greatly endangered because of indiscriminate use. Teak wood is heavy wood that is weather resistant. Hence it is used for manufacture of outdoor furniture like garden and Patio furniture. An example of its use is in the Public parks all over England where some of the benches are over 100 years old. Teak wood is also used for indoor flooring as it is durable and water resistant. The natural oils inherent in teak wood make it excellent for flooring and furniture. This is particularly helpful in outdoor conditions. Another reason for the preference of teak for furniture is the fact that its property of termite resistance is legendary. Termites find it more difficult to eat away teak than other types of wood. The Victorian age was the boom period for teak furniture and ornate furniture was made.. This furniture though over a 100 years old is available for sale at auctions and is much coveted. This can be termed the romantic age of furniture.. Presently furniture made from this wood is again going up in the popularity graph.

Teak wood is high quality timber and has tremendous demand. People all over the world covet teak furniture. Java teak which has intrinsic beauty, long life, and quality is among the more prized woods. Teak wood is much in demand for handmade furniture, using skilled carpenters. In addition it is excellent for reproductions of Colonial & Traditional European designs. Teak furniture is longer lasting product and has the distinction of lasting for tens of years. Armchairs, sitting benches, admirals, dressing tables, garden chairs are the forte of teak wood.

However the indiscriminate cutting of teak trees like in Assam has led to complete depletion of teak trees in the forests there. The Indian Government has perforce restricted the sale of Assam teak. The result is that now to get good quality teak wood for furniture from Assam and Burma is difficult. Availability is at a exorbitant price. In contrast the Indonesian government by its conservation methods has ensured that all teak trees in their plantation are only cut after 80 years which is optimum period for the teak tree to flower.

However it cannot be understated that Teak wood is the most durable and reliant of all types of wood. Its resistance to the vagaries of weather and termites is a established fact. Thus buying teak furniture will always be an asset, something that remains in your home for decades.


Source by Madan G Singh

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