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A Little Knowledge Can Be A Dangerous Thing When It Comes To Carpet Installation


Your home is one of your biggest investments, so it makes sense to increase its value with a beautiful and luxurious carpet. It took time and research to choose the best fiber content for long-lasting stain resistance and durability. After all that exhaustive effort, do you really want to try to take on the hardest part and do your own carpet installation? Sure, Uncle Harry offered to help you when you bought the house-and your brother-in-law is pretty handy-but, when it comes to installation, it’s wise to leave it to the professionals.

Selecting your floor covering may come down to personal taste, but carpet installation requires experience and skills that can only be acquired by the experts who do it regularly. In recent years, many homeowners, including some do-it-yourself teams, have opted for hardwood floors, but carpeting can prove to be more cost effective even when professionally installed. Although it costs slightly more than hardwood, the overall cost totals approximately half that of wood.

Do-it-yourself home projects can often be very rewarding and sometimes even save a few dollars. However, some projects are not meant for amateurs and can result in expensive-yet-poor results. This is doubly true when a job requires costly niche tools that the homeowner may only use once.

If you’re determined to try it out on your own, here is a brief overview of the steps involved:

* Frame the room with tackless strips.

* Lay the padding on the floor to make sure it is even and straight before trimming.

* Place the carpet over the padding and cut it to size.

* Line up the cut seams and apply seam strips.

* Using a hot iron, press the seams. Then, use a seam roller to help the adhesive take.

With these steps out of the way, the hard work begins:

* Pound the knee-kickers repeatedly to move the carpet into place.

* Attach the carpet to the tackless strips surrounding the room.

* Finally, use stretchers to make sure that the rug is smooth and does not contain loose spots.

It’s important to remember that even small errors in measurement or placement can result in glaring misalignment or overlap, and that going back to fix these errors increases the cost in time and materials. Hiring a skilled professional for the job ensures the end result will be what you imagined, while saving your knees and aching back.

Oftentimes retailers will have their own carpet installation employees. Their services can often be included as part of the sale price. Asking questions is key to establishing a satisfactory experience and final result. Will the worker remove and dispose of any existing flooring? What is included in the retail price? Is furniture moving part of the installation? Will doors and/or door jambs need to be removed and reinstalled? This information is important so, if you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask. Reliable retailers and contractors will take the time to answer all of your questions and clarify the scope of the job. After all is said and done, your project should go smoothly-that includes no wrinkles in the carpet!


Source by Aaliyah Arthur

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