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Shop at home flooring

A growing trend these days is shop at home flooring where you can do a lot of the flooring research on your computer and choose the types and designs that you desire with a simple few clicks. For most people, flooring is something that they do not have much experience in dealing with since it is not a regular job. Most people want to know what the ideal flooring is for different rooms in the house including the kitchen, the basement, the bedrooms, the washrooms, and even the outdoors where the patios are. Shop at home flooring is an essential guide, but here some tips on what to do for two major rooms in the house:

The Kitchen

The most important things to consider for a kitchen flooring are durability and ease of both cleaning and maintenance. Ceramic tiles are the best option for these reasons, although linoleum is a close second. As great as these options are, there are a few things to keep in mind with these floors. First thing is safety. Ceramic tiles are very tough and smooth surfaces which is great for durability, but not so great when it comes to fall safety. The smooth surface coupled with a spill of liquids makes the floor a danger zone for a tough fall. This is something to definitely consider if there will be children who are spontaneous, or elderly who have a higher risk of fall-associated injuries living in the home. The remedy to this is getting textured tiles which can provide a gripping surface that can prevent a lot of falls from happening.

The Bathroom

This room has similar needs to the kitchen except there is less need for durability. Moisture is probably going to be higher in this room, so it is important to consider flooring options that are water-resistant in order to prevent premature erosion and bacterial/moldy growth. Since the bathroom is not a large space, you can consider higher-end materials such as granite and marble to give an elegant look to this area. This is great because now you can get a bit more creative, and really bring out some personality in this room. Keep in mind that you will normally walk around in here with bare feet, so possibly adding a mat or two may come in handy to prevent cold feet.

The kitchen and bathroom both have specific flooring needs that you need to be aware of. Shop at home flooring is a great way to find out more details about these rooms!

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